German company develops model for stress analysis

Working closely with the movement science department of the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (WWU) Münster, German technology and IT company, Predimo has launched a 3D human musculoskeletal computer model called Myonardo, after a development in the past five years.

The models enables the mechanical stress on bones, joints, tendons and muscles during human movement to be measured. The platform determines which forces are acting in the body without the need for surgery, opening up new knowledge opportunities, especially in the fields of medicine, ergonomics, sports and automotive.

Responsible for this innovation is Professor Dr Heiko Wagner from Muenster University. Together with Predimo managing director Dr Dirk Bendig and their interdisciplinary team with expertise in movement science, biology, biomechanics, medicine, medical technology, physics, and sports and economics.




Deutsches Unternehmen entwickelt einzigartiges digitales Modell zur Belastungsanalyse menschlicher Bewegungen

Pressemitteilung, deutsch – PDF [125 KB]