Sports - PREDIMO – Prediction of Movement

Our services in the field of sports

  • Analysis of movement kinematics, mechanical stress of the musculature and loading for all major joints for any movement
  • Such an analysis for specific body regions, e.g., the spine, the knee region or the shoulder region
  • Optimization of training and competition on the basis of the current individual movement patterns
  • Analysis of the validity and reliability of sports and fitness equipment


Sports performance depends on an optimal use of the musculoskeletal system

In order to optimize movement patterns, a thorough analysis of the kinematic and kinetic aspects of movement is indispensable. With the help of ComputerMyoGraphy, each movement sequence as well as the mechanical load on the musculoskeletal system and the contribution of individual muscles can be analyzed.

This makes it possible to optimize performance for training and competitions.

ComputerMyoGraphy can also be used to test fitness and sports devices concerning the effect they have on specific muscle groups as well as associated load on bones and joints. Based on this, the manufacturer can make corresponding adjustments to these devices.



Using Myonardo, our unique 3D muscle-skeleton computer model, we can help you with all questions regarding the analysis, optimization and visualization of movements and mechanical stresses and loadings.




The unique 3D muscle-skeleton computer model called Myonardo can quantify every aspect of a movement and thus increase the objectivity of the coaching.



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