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3D Analysis of Muscle and
Joint Loads

It has never been easier to digitally analyse, optimise and 3D-visualise physical loads during any movement.

It has never been easier to digitally analyse, optimise and 3D-visualise physical loads during any movement

DIN/ISO compliant

Nie war es einfacher, körperliche Belastungen während jeglicher Bewegung digital zu
analysieren, optimieren, 3D-visualisieren

Digital workplace and process optimisation

  • Reduction of absences due to illness
  • Increasing the efficiency of your work processes
  • Digitalisation of the ergonomic risk assessment
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Left: 3D musculoskeletal avatar Myonardo© and top right: kinematic avatar (Movella, Enschede, NL) and bottom right: original video

Digital load profiles of the body

  • Improved performance
  • Reduction of downtime due to injuries (back to sports)
  • Identification and minimisation of injury risks
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Links: 3D-Muskel-Skelett-Avatar Myonardo© und rechts oben: kinematische Avatar (Fa. Movella, Enschede, NL) und rechts unten: Original Video

We make the invisible visible

The Computed MyoGraphy (CMG) method developed by us analyses the loads and efficiency of the muscles and joints during a movement.  The physical loads are visualised using a 3D musculoskeletal avatar......

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3D Technology

…that is easy to understand at first sight.

Left: original video and right: 3D musculoskeletal avatar Myonardo©

Laboratory quality - without a lab!

We fulfil the highest scientific standards and quality requirements and we can achieve the same results both in the laboratory and outside the laboratory. Our founding was supported by the University of Münster, and we continue to maintain a close collaboration.

Scientifically sound & field-tested

Our co-founder Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner explains what Predimo is all about.
On the left Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner, CTO and on the right  Dr. Dirk Bendig, CEO

Winner of the Münsterland Innovation Award

In 2022, we won the Münsterland Innovation Award in the start-up category and were honoured by Nobel Prize winner Dr sc. nat. dr. h. c. mult. Johannes Georg Bednorz (IBM Research Zurich).

Links Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner, CTO und rechts Dr. Dirk Bendig, CEO

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