Winner of the Münsterland Innovation Award 2021/22

The audio is only available in German. 


Münsterland e.V. awarded us the Innovation Prize in the category "Start-Up" on 30.08.2022.

Innovationspreis Münsterland

We would like to sincerely thank the jury:

Dr. sc. nat. Dr. h. c. mult. Johannes Georg Bednorz
IBM Research Zürich
Nobel Laureate in Physics 1987

Prof. Dr. Frank Dellmann
President of Münster University of Applied Sciences

Hans Hund
President of the Chamber of Crafts Münster

Prof. Dr. Fritz Jaeckel
Chief Executive Officer of the North Westphalia Chamber of Industry and Commerce

Prof. Dr. Bernd Kriegesmann
President of the Westphalian University

Prof. Dr. Monika Stoll
Prorector for Research at the Westphalian Wilhelms University Münster



What´s Predimo about?

Discover dynamics!

It has never been easier to analyze, optimize and visualize stresses on muscles and joints quickly and for any movement.

  • Reduce physical overload?
  • Optimize performance/processes?
  • Reduce downtime?
  • Reduce risk of injury?
  • Accelerate 'return to play' and reintegration?


All this is made possible by Computed MyoGraphy (CMG)!


Computed MyoGraphy (CMG) analyzes the mechanical stress on muscles and joints based on the unique 3D musculoskeletal computer model Myonardo. For the first time, it allows a statement on the efficiency of the muscle and joint force occurring in the body.

CMG The next level of load analysis

The CMG is quick and effortless to use for any movement and at any location (indoor & outdoor). It is scientifically based and validated - for lab quality without a lab!


The digital human twin

with its interactive display of results

  • Easy-to-understand virtual reality visualization of the stresses
  • Quick overview through color highlighting
  • Slow motion functionality
  • Strong involvement of the analyzed person through identification with the digital twin
  • High motivation for implementation


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