Discover dynamics!

It never was easier to quickly analyze, optimize and visualize muscle and joint stresses for any movement.

  • Reduce physical overload and fatigue?
  • Optimize performance?
  • Decrease downtime?
  • Reduce risk of injury?
  • Accelerate 'return to play' and reintegration

Computed MyoGraphy makes all of this possible!



Functional view into the body

Computed MyoGraphy (CMG) analyzes the mechanical stress on the muscles and joints based on the unique 3D musculoskeletal computer model Myonardo®. For the very first time, it enables the determination of the efficiency of muscle and joint power occurring in the body.

CMG The next level of load analysis en


For any movement - Anywhere - Fast & effortless

Laboratory quality without a laboratory!

  • Possible both cloud and server based
  • Compatible with leading motion capture systems (camera + IMUs)
  • Scientifically proven and validated
  • Non-invasive


Digital musculoskeletal twin

Individualized, interactive 3D presentation of results

  • Easy to understand virtual reality visualization of muscle & joint forces and stresses
  • Color-coding for hands-on overview
  • Slow motion functionality for details
  • Strong involvement of the person analyzed with her 3D musculoskeletal avatar
  • High motivation to implement  
  • Supplementary customized digital reporting




Areas of application

Computed MyoGraphy is suitable for use in all areas of life in which movement plays an important role. These include for example sports, ergonomics, health and automotive.




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