Predimo - Prediction of Movement

People move in everyday life, at work, in traffic, in sports and in their free time.

The human body is perfectly equipped to move. The bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles are loaded throughout the body.

Predimo GmbH can analyze, simulate and visualize these loadings. This results in the possibility of optimizing movement in a wide range of applications, e.g. to increase performance in sports or at work.


ComputerMyoGraphy with Myonardo

Myonardo is a 3D human musculoskeletal computer model, developed by Predimo, and designed to analyze and optimize human movement sequences of any kind.

Myonardo not only computes the mechanical loads and strains within the body during movement, it also analyses the contribution of each single muscle.

Myonardo creates a comprehensive and user-friendly graphical representation of the results, as well as a clear summary of any individual movement pattern, all depending on your specific requirements.

We call this procedure ComputerMyoGraphy.



With the help of the interactive interface, the software enables a unique graphic presentation of the individual analysis of the movements and mechanical stresses that act on the musculoskeletal system.



What does that mean for you?

For the first time, ComputerMyoGraphy with Myonardo allows “a detailed look into the human body” and can be used in any situation that calls for the analysis, optimization and/or visualization of movement patterns and mechanical loads on the body.

The results of the ComputerMyoGraphy provide specific and valuable functional information from the human musculoskeletal system without the need to use an examination method that is invasive to the body.

That is why Predimo stands for "Prediction of Movement”.

Predimo GmbH is a technology- and IT-oriented company that offers precise and high-resolution movement and loading analyzes of the human body on the basis of modern techniques and our large interdisciplinary know-how.



With our mobile measuring station we can carry out movement and loading analyzes at your location.