Automotive - PREDIMO – Prediction of Movement

Our services in the field of accident analysis and road safety

  • Movement and load analysis of the individual movement pattern of the entire musculature and of the major joints during an accident
  • Movement and load analysis of the individual movement pattern of different parts of the body (e.g. cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine, extremities, thorax, etc.) during an accident
  • Optimization of systems in the field of occupant protection based on analyzes of the resulting occupant movement in various accident scenarios
  • Analysis and optimisation of passive safety systems


Individual analysis of movement and loads in various accidents

During car accidents the passengers are subject to biomechanical loads which may cause injuries. An interdisciplinary assessment can help to verify whether an injury may have occurred as a result of a particular accident. In this case, a technical expert calculates the biomechanical load that acted on the occupant during the accident. Subsequently a medical expert determines the probability of injury based on the relationship between the biomechanical load acting on the occupant and his or her capacity to withstand loads at that time.

Using ComputerMyoGraphy, the biomechanical load endured by a vehicle occupant for certain muscle groups or parts of the body can be analysed and visualised, even taking into account individual characteristics such as sitting position and body size. These additional results thus provide a more detailed basis for an interdisciplinary assessment.

ComputerMyoGraphy can be applied to other types of accidents as well. Load profiles can also be determined for accidents that happened in the workplace, at home, or while playing sports.

Our analyses are equally useful for the development of new products (e.g. occupant restraint systems or vehicle seats). Differences in joint loading due to changes in design can be determined quickly. Based on the results of our analysis, adjustments and optimisations can then be made.



With Myonardo, our unique 3D musculoskeletal computer model, we can address your questions regarding the occupant's movement in traffic accidents.



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