Our services in the field of accident analysis and road safety

Completely new approaches in the development of passive safety systems and the preparation of accident analyses by determining the musculoskeletal stresses acting inside the body.


Better occupant protection systems for even more safety on the road

Incorporating the muscle and joint stresses that occur in the body of occupants in the event of an accident into the development of modern safety systems - the flexible ComputerMyoGraphy process makes it possible.


 Exemplary areas of application

  • Development of occupant protection systems
  • Optimization of occupant restraint systems, vehicle seats, etc.
  • Analysis of validity and reliability of occupant protection systems

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More accurate interdisciplinary assessment in the analysis of traffic accidents.

Individual motion sequences as well as the strain on individual muscle groups and body regions of vehicle occupants are determined and visualized with ComputerMyoGraphy in accident reconstruction.


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