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Predimo's services as a partner in the field of medical research

  • Movement and stress analyzes of parts or the entire musculoskeletal system during a wide variety of movement sequences (such as slow and faster walking, getting up from a seat, climbing stairs etc.), for example in the field of research and development of endoprostheses or in the field of orthopedic technology as well as in research into preventive medical measures
  • Analysis of the validity and reliability of rehabilitation and fitness equipment as well as medical aids


Analysis of mechanical stress in the muscles and joints of the human body

With the results of ComputerMyoGraphy, any movements of interest can now be analyzed in much more detail than before. With this innovative technology, Predimo GmbH enables a functional look into the body, i.e. precise knowledge of the movement dependent loads on muscles or loads in the joints, without the need for invasive examination method.




Predimo GmbH is a technology and IT-oriented company that offers on the basis of modern techniques, precise, high-resolution movement and mechanical stress analyses of the human body.



Predimo’s future planned services as a partner of medical doctors and physiotherapists in the field of health involve

  • Analysis of movement kinematics, mechanical stress of the musculature and loading for all major joints during functional movements, such as walking, standing up from a sitting position, etc.
  • Such an analysis for specific body regions, e.g., the spine, the knee region or the shoulder region
  • Optimization of specific functional movement patterns such as gait, standing up from a sitting position, etc.


Analysis of mechanical stress in the muscles and joints of the human body

In the future Predimo GmbH plans to support medical doctors and physiotherapists to put pain and discomfort of the musculoskeletal system as well as patients’ movement-dependent loads on the bones, muscles and joints into a context, by visualizing these loads.

With the help of ComputerMyoGraphy, in the future any movement of interest can be analyzed in much more detail than before. Comprehensive profiles of muscular activation and joint loads can then be made available to doctors and physiotherapists. Progress can also be followed in detail through regular measurements.


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