About us

What motivates us.

"We are driven by the fact that Computed MyoGraphy, as an innovative advancement of professional stress analysis, can significantly improve people's well-being and performance in all areas of life."

Prof. Dr. med. William H.M. Castro,
Co-Founder Predimo GmbH


Who we are.

Predimo Team


We are a multidisciplinary team with broad know-how and experience in the areas of

    • Human Movement Science
    • Medical technology
    • Physics
    • Biology
    • Biomechanics
    • Sports science
    • Medicine
    • Economics

Our diversity enriches us through diverse perspectives, better problem-solving skills and innovative approaches with flat hierarchies.


Our aspiration.

Fast, precise and maximum user-friendly stress analyses using the latest technology.

We are customer-centric, flexible and committed.

We address your individual needs, sound out the ideal use of ComputerMyoGraphy for you and develop customized solutions that represent a measurable and sustainable benefit for you.



Our foundation.

The foundation for the development of Computed MyoGraphy was laid in 2012 by Heiko Wagner and William Castro as part of a research project on the loading of the cervical spine in car accidents. Since alternatives were either prohibited for ethical reasons (use of volunteers) or insufficient (use of dummies), the idea matured at that time that the necessary motion and load analyses could only be generated with a computer model. During the development of the computer model, the numerous other applications of Computed MyoGraphy and the associated positive benefits for almost all areas of human life quickly became clear. In 2019, development reached the point where Computed MyoGraphy could be commercialized and Predimo GmbH could be founded.


Our support.

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