About us

Predimo GmbH is a technology- and IT-oriented company based in Muenster, Germany. The company emerged from years of research and development work, with the support of external scientists, from the Institute for sports science, department of movement science (Head: Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner) of the University of Münster and was founded in 2019. There is still a close collaboration in research and teaching between Predimo GmbH and the movement Science department.

Our interdisciplinary team has a broad know-how and experience from the disciplines of movement science, biology, biomechanics, medical engineering, medicine, physics as well as sports science and economics.

Using state-of-the-art techniques, Predimo offers scientifically precise and temporally high-resolution movement and stress analyses of the human body. We use Myonardo, a 3D human musculoskeletal computer model developed by our own research team. Myonardo integrates the findings of decades of research in movement science with the experience from current developmental projects.

The areas of application and use of Myonardo are in diverse areas of private and professional life, e.g. in ergonomics at the workplace, in popular and competitive sports, and more general, in the analysis, simulation and visualization of different movement sequences.

In our customer projects, we specifically address the individual needs and expectations of the customer, on the basis of a well-founded needs analysis. Using our highly professional competence team, we deliver tailored solutions that are closely linked to the project goals and deliver a visible, measurable and sustainable benefit for the client. It is our aim and motivation to develop ourselves continuously and consistently in these respects.

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Predimo Team


team dirk bendig

Dr. Dirk Bendig
Managing director

team joris bostroem

Dr. Kim Joris Boström
Software developer and 3D modeling

team adrian buehring

Adrian Bühring
Project manager ergonomics and product development

team william castro

Prof. Dr. med. William H.M. Castro

team maarten van der heuvel

Dr. Maarten van den Heuvel
Project manager clinical applications
Research and development

team marc de lussanet de la sabloniere

Dr. Marc de Lussanet de la Sablonière
Scientific and technical advisor

team andreas muehlbeier

Dr. Andreas Mühlbeier
Project manager sports

team oliver schmitz

Oliver Schmitz
Software developer and

team heiko wagner

Prof. Dr. Heiko Wagner

team colja homann

Colja Homann
Projectassistent ergonomics

team dennis knelsen

Dennis Knelsen
Software developer

team svenja wald

Svenja Wald
Software developer

team daniel pohl

Daniel Pohl
legal advice